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IP Watcher - Version History (Change Log)

Version - November 13th 2009

[IMPROVE] Improved the way IP Watcher sends text message alerts. This could sometimes cause problems with some internet or email service providers.

Version - November 11th 2009

[FIX] Fixed a bug that would cause the Test Text Message sending to fail when the "Use SSL" option was selected under "Email" Settings".

Version - October 14th 2009

[FIX] Fixed a bug that would cause SSL email sending to malfunction.
[IMPROVE] Improved support for text message alert sending. Some wireless providers blocked text message alerts.
[IMPROVE] Implemented a more reliable email sending process.

Version - October 10th 2009

[NEW] Added the ability to send ip alert email to multiple recipients. (seperate each email address with a comma).
[FIX] Fixed a bug that would cause windows to hang on shutdown.
[FIX] Fixed a bug that would raise a socket error if internet connection was down.

Version 3.0 - October 3rd 2009

[NEW] SMS Mobile Text Message Alerts.

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