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Stealth Mode :

Folder Vault includes "Stealth-Mode"; allowing the user to run the program completely hidden to prevent other snoopers from even knowing it exists.

Stealth mode features of FolderVault:

  • Hides from "Add Remove Programs"
  • Hides shortcuts from desktop & startmenu
  • Hides the Folder Vault program folder
  • Hides from the taskbar
  • Hides from Alt > Tab Menu
  • Hides from Task Manager application & running process list
  • Use HotKey combination to bring it back up

Stealth mode can be enabled in one of two ways; by clicking the "Stealth" button in Folder Vault's control panel, or by using the automation options.

Info Note: Only registered users of Folder Vault are permitted to use the "Stealth-Mode" feature.

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